The Friday Street Club is an agency that offers a new way of approaching communications.

We reckon that it is possible to offer normal agency services – whether that be branding, strategy, project management or PR and communications – in a way that is much more dynamic.

We believe that the old days of different skill-sets operating in silos are over – it’s a clunky, slow and expensive way of working. And we also believe that magic happens when people collaborate. So, inspired by the original Friday Street Club of Elizabethan literary thinkers and creatives who came together to discuss and collaborate, we’ve created a space where such people can do so today. And so The Friday Street Club - with an agency offering at its core – was born.

Along with the services we offer in-house, we've handpicked the best partners to work with, to deliver traditional agency services from design and DTP; to strategy, digital concepts and coding; and more. And if don't have someone on board, we'll source the best person and bring them in. 

It means we can offer a one-stop shop for clients to work with a number of small creative businesses. Clients get the benefit of working with one key contact which oversees strategy, client service and project management. But they also benefit from being able to work with a number of talents and skills, while only paying for that which they use. 

It’s a new business model. One which works with a new, fast-paced and collaborative economy and way of working. And most importantly, does awesome work and has fun along the way. 

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