We're hiring!

We have a bunch of positions we are looking to fill including:

  • Account Manager or Senior Account Manager - Johannesburg: full-time, freelance or contract
  • Senior Account Manager or Account Director - Cape Town: full time 
  • Account Executive or junior/admin- Cape Town: full time

More details below:

We’re looking for some damn good people to join our team, some based in Johannesburg, some in Cape Town.

We’re looking for all the normal experience - previous experience  in a comms, PR or ad agency; shit hot media relations skills; and a winning way in managing clients. We can cover all the details of what you can do and what you’re good at when we chat in person. 

We’re looking for people that are flexible and multi-talented; people that understand that PR is more than just about farming out a bunch of dull press releases. People that are obsessed with media and the news; that love popular culture; people that are eager to get stuck in to projects that incorporate brand strategy, design, social media, events and anything else we feel like throwing into the mix.

But more importantly is how you fit in with the team and our core values.

We take attention to detail and craftsmanship really seriously. We’re close on being obsessed in fact. We want to do really, really good work, that impresses the hell out of our clients. We think that typos and sloppy grammar are rude. We’re on a mission to change people’s perceptions about PR being the poor cousin of the marketing industry.

We are really passionate about the brands and clients we work with. If we can’t love them, how can we get anyone else to love them.

We like to keep it simple and transparent. We don’t bamboozle people with jargon and sell them impracticable plans.

And we believe in partnership and mutual respect – we think we can be happy at work and have fun along the way. We’re not joking when we say we have no time for big egos, douchebags and psychos. 

If you think you’re that person, send us your details, we’d love to chat.  Drop us a note before the end of November 2016.