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Mount Gay Rum - Springbok Nude Girls documentary


We worked with our client Mount Gay Rum  as they joined up with the Springbok Nude Girls to announce the release of an exciting new documentary. 

The film, which was part-funded by Mount Gay, shows how the Springbok Nude Girls exploded onto South African music scene and includes never seen before footage of the band. 

There were two exclusive premiere screenings held in  Cape Town and Joburg. Guest of the brand were invited to join as VIP’s on the night and were given access to a Mount Gay sponsored VIP room where they were treated to an endless supply of rum cocktails. 

SNG DOCU POSTER final copy.jpg

Behind the scenes - shooting up a storm

The Friday Street Club

We've had a busy few weeks with shoots happening all over the place. We've been filming a brand video with Fashionistas in Jozie with the legends over at The VCG for Fashion Express; a new brand campaign with local influential men with the guys from Saatchi Brandsrock for Remy Martin; and a behind the scenes video of the summer campaign for Donna Claire...phew!

The Friday Street Club

Recast - launch

No jokes when we said this week was all about tech. We're also mad about the new app from Labs.fm, which we are helping launch. Recast is a pretty awesome little app that allows listeners to access the playlists from over 200 radio stations from around the work - without all the ads and irritating DJ chatter. Read more below...

Recast fm

Local tech company, Labs.fm, has launched a new app that allows listeners to tune into radio playlists. Called Recast, the app accesses the playlists of radio stations around the world, and allows users to listen to them as they would a music streaming service.

The brilliance, however, is that listeners access just the music playlists, without the interruptions of commercials or DJ chatter. All the songs are also skippable, meaning that if the odd irritating one sneaks in, it can easily be avoided.

“When it comes to music, the ultimate goal is the creation of the perfect playlist – human vs algorithm, genre vs mood, discovery vs familiarity,” explains Recast founder, Richard Oakley.

Services like Pandora create playlists by proposing songs based on favourites or play history. Recast takes this a step further.

“We believe that the best playlists already exist, developed by radio stations who have people who have spent their entire careers figuring out what people like. They are simply locked in a medium that, as a music experience, is ruined by inaccessibility, inconvenience and interruptions,” continues Oakley.

The app also avoids issue typically associated with purely algorithm-driven recommendations, which often give a very narrow definition of what a user may enjoy. Like the radio stations that Recast pulls the playlists from, content varies within a broad spectrum.

The app includes over 200 different radio stations, from around the world.

When a station is clicked on through Recast, it shows not only the stations’ 10 most played songs, it also shows a neat visual which breaks down the different genres the stations plays by percentage, allowing users to discover new stations that they may enjoy listening to.

Oakley doesn’t see the app being “anti-radio” or competing with broadcast radio stations, despite collecting playlists from them.

“We actually think that Recast can help traditional radio stations, and supply useful data to them. They usually use methods like telephone surveys and focus groups to try and find out what music people like. However, we collect real data from listeners, by measuring actions such as which tracks they skip over, and how that is changing over time,” he said.

The app has proved successful and extremely popular to date. It was voted one of the top products of the day on Product Hunt when launched, and also selected by Spotify as one of their Developer Showcase apps.  

The app is currently only available for iPhone, but will be coming to Android soon.

To find out more, log onto recast.fm or download the app from the iTunes app store.

Recast fm
Recast fm

Explore Sideways - launch

This week we've been focusing on tech and wine - two of our favourite things - yay!

We have been working with the awesome peeps over at Explore Sideways, who have launched a website and app aimed to make the exploration of our winelands ever more easy and exciting.

Explore Sideways

Have a peek at the press release below to find out more:

Sideways Tours pairs technology with content to create custom-made experiences.

Sideways Tours is set to change the way that tours to the Cape winelands are booked and experienced. 

The first of its kind, this innovative platform offers a simple, user-friendly and centralised booking portal that allows users to discover and book bespoke wineland tour itineraries according to personal interests.

A variety of tours that uncover hidden gems and offer truly personalised and memorable experiences are already available on the platform. Along with historical and MCC tours, more obscure and unexpected experiences, such as active and adventure tours, bachelor party tours and boutique, privately guided tours, are available, with more being added every day. 

Lovers of all things gastronomical, for example, would love the Foodie Tour – a half day flavour adventure exploring the hidden corners of Stellenbosch, known only to locals, including cheese and wine tastings, artisan ice-cream sampling and wine/biltong pairings.

Those looking for a bit more excitement may find the Waves and Wine Tour more to their liking. After an epic surf at South Africa’s famous Surfer’s Corner and visiting Dungeons, the site of surf superstardom, guests get to sip the wines of surfing winemakers.

The platform addresses the challenges that people often experience when organising a Cape winelands tour – primarily the lack of a central set of planning, review and booking tools. Traditionally, tours are booked manually (by phone, email, or even fax), which may well result in a frustrating and confusing experience.

“For people used to the convenience and simplicity of innovative applications such as Airbnb and Uber, it makes sense to have one centralised and streamlined experience booking platform which is accessible and easy to use,” explains Sideways CEO Brittany Hawkins.

“It also taps into the trend of experience-driven travel, where people look for unique experiences and unforgettable moments, rather than generic, set itineraries in “one-size fits all” tours,” she continues.

As well as “match-making” the right customers with the right experiences, the Sideways Tours booking platform streamlines the booking process and uses a two-tier system for ensuring the highest quality tours. Firstly, all tour operators are insured and TGCSA certified. Secondly, all tours are “Sideways approved”, meaning they have been personally experienced and vetted by the Sideways team.

For further information on Sideways, visit www.exploresideways.com

Explore Sideways
Explore Sideways

Hanging in the bush with Ben Brown

Rhino Tears Ben Brown

For our client Rhino Tears, we took some media guests along to the Kruger Park to see the incredible work that the rangers and on-the-ground teams do in the war against rhino poaching. Part of the gang was Youtube hero, Ben Brown, who vlogged the trip. Have  look at this videos below:

(Pro tip: Video two is pretty awesome and likely to make even the most hardcore a bit teary)

Rhino Tears - media trip to Kruger

Rhino Tears

We've just returned from a media trip to Kruger with our good friends from Rhino Tears. We were there to spread the word about the amazing work that is done by the team tackling the was on rhino poaching head on, and we were privileged, honoured and humbled to see what they do on a day to day basis.

Rhino Tears wine

One of the highlights was when the veterinary team (above) tracked down a rhino that had been (non-fatally) shot by poachers. They darted it, sorted out its wounds, took DNA samples and microchipped its horn, before setting it free to fight another day.

The vets hard at work getting DNA samples.

The vets hard at work getting DNA samples.

Rhino Tears

Another highlight was when we got to meet the dog teams, who sniff, track and hunt down poachers. These little legends have had a huge success rate in helping the rangers catch them. Yay dogs!

The fox hounds, with their handler, Richard. These guys go on high speed pursuits of poachers, followed up by helicopters.

The fox hounds, with their handler, Richard. These guys go on high speed pursuits of poachers, followed up by helicopters.

Gladys (!) who sniffs out ammunition and poached wildlife

Gladys (!) who sniffs out ammunition and poached wildlife

Rhino Tears
Rhino Tears
Jaco, who definitely won the award for Ranger Banter

Jaco, who definitely won the award for Ranger Banter

Die man met die plan - John Hooper from Mount Vernon Wines

Die man met die plan - John Hooper from Mount Vernon Wines

From every bottle sold, R15 goes directly to Unite Against Poaching and the Honorary Rangers, for the war against rhino poaching.

See here some of the media coverage in the Sunday Times and Cape Times.

All photos by Ravi Gajjar.

Rhino Tears
The last day - a sad goodbye to new friends

The last day - a sad goodbye to new friends

Cointreau - a day in the life of...


We had lots of fun with one of our favourite clients, Cointreau, Marie Claire and fashion bloggers Sbosh and Ms Paula Bee. We challenged them to style the Cointreau brand ambassador, Ayanda Masisi, and bring to life the concept of the Cointreau Woman. 

What's a Cointreau Woman you ask?

Well, just like Cointreau, she loves to mix things up, easily breaking through established conventions. She seeks out adventure, leaving her evenings to the unexpected. 

Have a look at the how our bloggers found the day: Styling Day with Cointreau and again with Sbosh.

Photos by Ravi Gajjar. 

Cointreau ambassadors
Cointreau South Africa
Cointreau South Africa

Seartec - relaunch

Recently we partnered with our friends over at Saatchi & Saatchi Brandsrock on the relaunch of Seartec. They were working with the team to revamp their positioning and communications and we were brought on board to assist with the PR and media relations for their relaunch.

Seartec are the South African distributors of Sharp electronic products in South Africa, and have just announced the appointment of executive directors Mark McChlery (CEO) and Bob Skinstad (Chief Marketing Officer), both ex-ITEC.

More can be read about their plans on Engineering NewsCape Business News, ITweb andMoneyweb.

Or check out their interview with CNBC Africa below...