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She Says CT: Panellist

Our very own Emma will be on the panel of the next “She Says: Cape Town” event, discussing toxic colleagues and building your pack. Get tickets here and see more in the press release below…


26 April 2019

SheSays Cape Town tackles subject of toxic colleagues

EVENT DATE: 23 May 2019

As Madeleine Albright once said, “there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.” Despite evidence that men participate in similar or higher rates of indirect aggression than women, the perception exists that women turn into mean girls at work.

Why, if women experience sexism in the workplace, do they resort to ‘queen bee’ behaviour? This is the ‘pink elephant’ in the room which will be discussed at SheSays Cape Town’s 5th event.

In collaboration with the Vega School of Brand Leadership, one of the foremost branding schools in South Africa, and newly formed Cape Town agency, HelloFCB, the event will take place at the Vega campus at 5.30pm on Thursday 23 May.

“As always, we choose topics based on direct feedback from attendees who share their ideas in post-event surveys”, explains chapter director, Anelde Greeff. “The topic of toxic colleagues has been a constant, so we welcome the opportunity to unpack this with a hand-picked panel of women in what promises to be another thought-provoking and entertaining evening.”

For its fifth event panel, SheSays Cape Town has brought together a number of industry heavyweights, such as John Brown’s Group Managing and Executive Director, Lani Carstens, HelloFCB’s MD, Robyn Campbell and Friday Street Club Owner and MD, Emma King. They will be joined by editor-activist Palesa Kgasane (formerly from Between10and5) and 3verse strategic director, Kay Orlandi.

“Most of us will have to deal with toxic colleagues at some point in our careers, whether it’s a queen bee boss, backstabbing teammate or backchatting junior”, explains panellist Emma King. “The best way to deal with these ‘anti-mentors’ is for women to support women and to build your pack.”

The year 2019 is a sparkling showcase for Vega’s 21st year of existence, a testament to their reason for being and most importantly, a celebration of the remarkable people living the Vega brand. “Vega is a brand that supports a culture of learning to find your purpose. Diversity is incredibly important to us, which is why we’ve been following the SheSays Cape Town chapter with interest. It creates a much-needed forum for career issues and sharing ideas that could propel women’s careers. We are delighted to host this topical discussion at Vega”, adds Dr Carla Enslin, National Head of Strategy and New Business Development.

Tickets are free and can be booked on Eventbrite. Join the conversation and keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

About SheSays:

SheSays, the world’s largest creative network for women, opened its Cape Town chapter – the first in Africa – in April 2018. It focuses on the engagement, education and advancement of women creatives, and provides them with the thought leadership and connections to fast-track their careers. With a presence in over 40 cities around the world, it is run by a volunteer network of women. It’s different to other organisations in that it affords its chapters complete freedom in how they shape their offerings. Members have a say and everything is free. The Cape Town chapter directors are content strategist, Anelde Greeff and senior freelance copywriter Johannie van As.

Launched in 2007 by Mr President creative partner Laura Jordan Bambach and experience design consultant Alessandra Lariu (selected by Fast Company into the ‘League of extraordinary women” alongside Oprah and Hillary Clinton), SheSays has since pioneered a series of firsts in the women’s’ space: the first female director’s festival in Cannes, the first women-only hackathon, the first to do speed mentoring events – amongst many others. The organisation has also accumulated its share of accolades, including being honoured for its “The Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media” by New Media Age.

Panellists at the event:

Lani Carstens 
Group Managing and Executive Director, John Brown Media

Lani Carstens is the Group Managing and Executive Director of John Brown Media South Africa, creating engaging conversations between brands and their customers. Their client base includes Pick ‘n Pay, Old Mutual, Life Healthcare, Discovery, BMW and MINI.

Her wide-ranging publishing experience spans over 20 years, and including three years in Shanghai, two years as publisher at a content marketing agency, launch publisher of South African Shape and Fit Pregnancy, and as marketing manager for the women’s magazine division of Media24.

In her spare time Lani is a leadership coach and mentor. She’s also currently completing her Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching at Stellenbosch University Business School.

Robyn Campbell 
Managing Director, HelloFCB+

Robyn Campbell is Managing Director of HelloFCB+. She facilitates work that uses a combination of smart strategy and forward-thinking technology,which has resulted in many local and international awards.

Her time at Hellocomputer has been one of exponential growth for the agency, and for herself, working on a range of clients including Pernod Ricard, Beiersdorf and Investec Asset Management.

She’s also a member of the IAB Agency Council, fighting the good fight of uplifting industry standards and education through thought leadership and best practice, all while building a network of participation and trust.

Emma King
 Founder and MD at The Friday Street Club

Emma King has two decades of experience in marketing strategy and communications in several African and European markets. When she started her own company five years ago, she created a place that combines great work, passion and a kick-ass culture all under one roof.

She writes a column on marketing and PR for Marklives, sits on the board of NGO The Underdog Project and is currently also acting as Head of Marketing and Communications at Zeitz MOCAA. She’s allergic to bad grammar and ampersands but likes working her way through piles of novels and travelling the globe.

Kay Orlandi 
Strategic Partner, 3Verse

Kay Orlandi is a strategically focussed business leader with 21 years of experience in advertising. After working at agencies including TBWA/Tequila London, TBWA/Hunt Lascaris, BBDO and Saatchi&Saatchi, she took a leap in 2014 and started her own agency. She’s built relationships and managed successful campaigns for well-known brands in South Africa, across the African continent and in the UK.

Kay has achieved business growth for her clients, revenue growth for her portfolios and creative recognition in the form of creative and efficacy awards.

Palesa Kgasane
 Former editor, Between10and5

Palesa Kgasane is an editor, digital content producer, artist, and activist. She works to fill the media and entertainment industries with work that’s as beautiful as it is impactful.

Now 26, she started her first blog at age 18, which flourished and evolved to become The Mzanzi Moodboard, now an archival creative space for women of colour. Some of her previous roles were at ELLE and ELLE Decoration South Africa and she’s collaborated with brands like DOVE.

She knows the power of her platform and uses it to make space for dialogue – especially in a landscape where young black women are outnumbered. Palesa’s bravely owning her voice focusing on issues of self-image, body positivity, representation and queer rights.

#passionprojects: Asanda visits The Friends of the Children's Hospital Association

At The Friday Street Club, we allow each staff member to dedicate 3-5 working days a year of either their own time or company resources to a charity, cause or initiative that is close to their hearts - these are our #passionprojects. It's a chance for us to be able to use our expertise, experiences and contacts to make a tangible difference within the communities within which we operate. This month, Asanda went to visit The Friends of the Children's Hospital Association. Here is her story:

IMG_0537 2.jpg

Each year, every member of The Friday Street Club team is given the opportunity to dedicate work time and resources to a cause that is close to their hearts. This year, I chose The Friends of the Children’s Hospital (FOCHA) as my ‘passion project’. FOCHA is an NGO based in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital that provides patients and their parents with non-medical assistance. This includes the provision of necessities like toiletries, clothes, food and toys to make a child’s stay in hospital a little more comfortable. I chose FOCHA not only because they do amazing work, providing much needed relief during stressful circumstances, but also because I interned for the organisation about four years ago while I was still a student. I felt the need to return and see how I could help as a qualified PR.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and it was great to go back to a place where I felt like I was making a difference in someone else’s life. During my visit, I was given the responsibility of accompanying the volunteers around the children’s wards as they handed out gifts and spent time playing with the kids. It was extremely heart-warming to see the delight on their faces when a volunteer comes to spend time with them.
Later in the day, I had the privilege of being an MC for the Mother’s Day lunch, during which mothers were given a much-needed break from their children’s bedside to enjoy a little time to themselves. The lunch was a great success, not only because I was the MC (haha), but also because the mothers really appreciated having a little ‘me’ time. This was a great opportunity to put my PR skills to good use by ensuring that the event was a success. Apart from being the MC, I managed the event’s volunteers and ensured that everyone knew what needed to be done. I also co-managed the setting up of the room and ensured that the team finished everything on time. When the mothers arrived, I was tasked with giving them a warm welcome and making sure that everyone was well looked after and comfortable.
After the lunch, once I had finished with washing-up duties, I concluded the day by doing some basic admin work with the volunteer manager. It was a long, but extremely rewarding, day and I am looking forward to my next visit, where I will be putting my PR skills to good use again by helping out with their social media, events and other essential admin.
If you would like to find out more about FOCHA, or how you can help out on this most worthy of causes, visit their

- Asanda Mcontsi


Almost a year in our (not so new anymore) home

This time last year we were viewing properties and signing the lease for the space that was to become our new home - The Friday Street Club HQ. Starting with a renovation of a blank and empty space, it's grown to be a happy place, full of laughter, always visited by friends (and a good few dogs).

Annual Christmas party with the kids at the Abaphumeleli Home of Safety

Xmas party

As the year drew to an end, it was time for our (now becoming) annual Christmas party for the kids at the Abaphumeleli Home of Safety in Khayelitsha.

The orphanage and home of safety is run by Evelyn Makasi in her own home, housing almost 40 children from between the ages of new born and 18 years old. We arrived with five cars packed to the brim with gifts, party goodies and enough staples (food, household supplies and so on) to last a couple of months, thanks to all the support and donations from friends and supporters. It's been so special seeing the kids grow year by year in such as happy and loved environment. 

Christmas party for the kids of Abaphumeleli

As Christmas approached we decided to see if we could do a little to bring some smiles to people who needed it more than we do. So, we decided to throw a little Christmas party for the kids of the Abaphumeleli Home of Safety in Khayelitsha.

The orphanage and home of safety is run by Evelyn Makasi in her own home. She's taken in 38 children between the ages of three months and 18 years, who were abused, abandoned or orphaned. We asked around for anyone to contribute and were overwhelmed with donations of cash, supplies and goodies to make their day.

So, off we went, arriving with five car loads packed not only with all the yummy goodies needed for a good party, but a huge amount of supplies and necessities to last them through the next few months. We also had a visit from (a rather skinny) Santa who made sure that every child got their own box of goodies and presents.

We hope to make this an annual event so that we can continue to contribute in a meaningful way to all the amazing work that Evelyn does. 

Remy Martin - trip to Cognac, Paris and London

We were lucky enough to jump on board with one of our favourite clients, Remy Martin, on a whistle stop tour of Europe, to learn more about the brand. Along with the influential men featured in the local brand campaign, and GQ magazine, we learnt all about the amazing cognac, tasting our way across France.

From the grapes that are grown, to how the wine is distilled, and then finally aged, we learnt everything there was to know about Remy Martin. And even got to taste some of the legendary 100 year old Louis VIII out of the cask. Then it was off to London to experience the La Maison Remy Martin member club experience - a true sensory overload. Definitely one of the most enjoyable brand experiences we have had recently!

Rhino Tears - media trip to Kruger

Rhino Tears

We've just returned from a media trip to Kruger with our good friends from Rhino Tears. We were there to spread the word about the amazing work that is done by the team tackling the was on rhino poaching head on, and we were privileged, honoured and humbled to see what they do on a day to day basis.

Rhino Tears wine

One of the highlights was when the veterinary team (above) tracked down a rhino that had been (non-fatally) shot by poachers. They darted it, sorted out its wounds, took DNA samples and microchipped its horn, before setting it free to fight another day.

The vets hard at work getting DNA samples.

The vets hard at work getting DNA samples.

Rhino Tears

Another highlight was when we got to meet the dog teams, who sniff, track and hunt down poachers. These little legends have had a huge success rate in helping the rangers catch them. Yay dogs!

The fox hounds, with their handler, Richard. These guys go on high speed pursuits of poachers, followed up by helicopters.

The fox hounds, with their handler, Richard. These guys go on high speed pursuits of poachers, followed up by helicopters.

Gladys (!) who sniffs out ammunition and poached wildlife

Gladys (!) who sniffs out ammunition and poached wildlife

Rhino Tears
Rhino Tears
Jaco, who definitely won the award for Ranger Banter

Jaco, who definitely won the award for Ranger Banter

Die man met die plan - John Hooper from Mount Vernon Wines

Die man met die plan - John Hooper from Mount Vernon Wines

From every bottle sold, R15 goes directly to Unite Against Poaching and the Honorary Rangers, for the war against rhino poaching.

See here some of the media coverage in the Sunday Times and Cape Times.

All photos by Ravi Gajjar.

Rhino Tears
The last day - a sad goodbye to new friends

The last day - a sad goodbye to new friends

Rado - World Design Capital project visit

Rado World Design Capital

As part of the media announcement for the winners of the Rado Star Prize, we took a bus load of media, World Design Capital supporters and friends of Rado to the Litha Primary School in Gugulethu. We were there to, literally, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, painting a mural about urban gardening.

This was part of some of the amazing work that See Saw Do and Edupeg are doing as part of their World Design Capital legacy projects, aimed at assisting teachers and inspiring children in    underprivileged schools.

Photos by Ravi Gajjar. 

Rado World Design Capital
Rado World Design Capital
Rado World Design Capital
Rado World Design Capital

Welcome to our new home from home

Inner City Ideas Cartel 1

Despite being a collective of people based all over place, there are times when we need a little place to call home. Whether that be a client meeting, some peace and quiet to whack through the emails, or simply sip a badass coffee while sitting on a roof terrace.

Enter the Inner City Ideas Cartel – our new home from home.

It’s a shared working space, full of small businesses and creative individuals all making it work for themselves. And it’s beautiful. We love it. Pop past one time to say hi…

Inner City Ideas Cartel 2
Inner City Ideas Cartel
Inner City Ideas Cartel
Inner City Ideas Cartel