Work & Co

Work & Co..: launch

We partnered with Work & Co. - a new co-working space in Cape Town - to launch the offering to media, entrepreneurs, creatives, small and medium sized enterprises, remote teams and freelancers.

We ensured that the opening event was packed with local guests eager to see the new space, and ensured reviews and coverage across local media, including in Elle, Mail & Guardian, Ventureburn and more.

Work & Co is the brainchild of French born Julien Verspieren. Julien sold his business in France in 2014, packed up and moved to Cape Town. In France, he was the founder of a recruitment company, and with another partner, grew their staff from two people to 160 people in the space of fourteen years. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Julien is an expert in business development and enjoys the excitement and energy that accompany new ventures.  Launching Work & Co is his latest creative venture. 

“I experienced the way that co-working spaces have taken off not just in South Africa, but globally, and how they are creating and supporting a new way to work, said Julien Verspieren.

“In Work & Co I wanted to create a unique 2,000 m2 space that people could draw inspiration from, interconnect through the latest technologies and grow their businesses. It combines the buzz of a coffee shop with the comforts of the most beautiful home, bringing a community of passionate entrepreneurs and creatives, working together under one roof. Work & Co is all about people”.