Food & Connect: marketing strategy

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Recently the University of Cape Town (UCT) undertook a massive project to overhaul and revamp the food offerings across all of their campuses. As part of this, the decisions was take to create a new, stand-alone food company - Food and Connect - that could work independently of the university, while leveraging the benefits that it could offer.

A specialist team of consultants was brought on board to advise and work with the university in a strategic capacity to assist with the development and formation of this new business.

We were brought on board to advise on - and implement - all elements related to marketing and communications, which encompassed overseeing the design and branding development (including naming and corporate identity development), creation of all collateral and stakeholder management.

Phase one saw the launch of the first nine outlets, and along with eh above, saw us launching their website, kicking off the social media and managing their launch event.

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